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Chocolate is a foreign word transliteration of the Chocolate, which is the main raw material cocoa beans (such as coconut-like fruit on the tree will bear fruit), and its very origin of the early heyday began in Mexico at the Aspen card Dili last dynasty Confucian emperor Papiamento (Montezuma), was the worship of chocolate society, like pepper, Chili, vanilla bean and add spices in the drink, playing bubble and the gold cup to drink every day 50CC, is a member of the court Beverage, and its scientific name Theobroma "drink of the Gods" was seen as a valuable arm, the pharmaceutical diuretic, which break down proteins in gastric juice has an enzyme activation of the role to help digestion.
First appeared in the chocolate, originated in Mexico as a region of ancient Indian food with cocoa powder, bitter taste and it's hot. In 1526, Spanish explorer Cortez brought back to Spain, dedicated to the King at that time, so that the Europeans see it as Miyao, set off a frenzy. Later, in about the 16th century, the Spaniards let chocolate "sweet", they will be mixing cocoa powder and spices in the juice, has become a sweet drink. By 1876, a Swiss Mingjiaobide the ingenuity of these beverages in the re-incorporation in some milk, chocolate This Modern completed the whole process of creation. Not long after, it was thought to be dehydration condensed liquid chocolate into a portable piece of chocolate and preservation. In 1828, from the Netherlands Dayton Marriott (Van Houten) to think of fat removed 2 / 3, made easy to drink the cocoa Asia.
Presentation of raw materials
Chocolate is cocoa as the main raw materials made from a kind of sweet. Not only does it taste sweet delicacy, but also has a strong aroma. Chocolate consumption can also be used to produce cake, ice cream, and so on. In the romantic Valentine's Day, it is unavoidable to express love the characters.
Chocolate small, hot, sweet and delicious. The study found that chocolate contains red wine contained antioxidants. Chocolate and chocolate more or less the same ingredients, protein, dietary fiber, vitamin E slightly higher than the content of the chocolate, fat, carbohydrate, energy, such as chocolate and other ingredients similar to those of cocoa powder are the main raw material made of.
Nutritional Analysis
1. Chocolate can alleviate depression, is excited;
2. Chocolates for the focus to enhance memory and improve the role of intelligence has some chocolate as a driver to raise the spirits of the driving ability of agents, the examination of the brain could be made available for students;
3. Eating chocolate will help control cholesterol levels and maintain flexibility capillaries, with prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, the role of the cycle;
4. Chocolate contains the acid content of tea with as much acid can enhance immunity, prevent cancer, interfere with the blood supply to tumors;
5. Chocolate is the food antioxidant, anti-aging efficacy of a certain;
6. Chocolate is rich in carbohydrates, fat, protein and various types of minerals, digestion and absorption of the human body to its fast, so it is the experts known as the "birth Hercules," a woman in labor that if properly before eating More chocolate, can be enough to force the uterus mouth open as soon as possible, the smooth delivery, the mother and child are very useful;
7. Heart pain in people who have to be chocolate Jishi, especially after eating a chocolate heart is hot to stop eating. This is because chocolate contains a gastric acid from the stomach can overflow material.
Related groups
The general population can eat, children should not eat chocolate, diabetic patients should eat less chocolate.
Under the age of three-year-old child should not eat chocolate (as a result of better-pui Note)
◆ chocolate is a high-calorie foods, but low protein content, high fat content, the ratio of nutrients is not in line with the growth and development of children.
◆ before eating too much chocolate in the generate a sense of full belly, thereby affecting appetite, but soon after a meal are hungry, which makes the normal patterns of life and eating habits have been disrupted, affecting children's health.
◆ chocolate contains more fat, can stimulate the growth of non-normal gastrointestinal motility of cellulose, thereby affecting the gastrointestinal function of digestion and absorption.
◆ In addition, chocolate contains nervous system so excited about the material, the child will not go to sleep crying and anxiety.
Therapeutic effect
Chocolate can ease the emotional, for the focus to enhance memory and improve the intellectual role of both, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease cycle, enhance immunity, prevent cancer, interfere with the blood supply to tumors, the efficacy of anti-aging to a certain extent.
Chocolate is a transliteration of foreign words. At first, Cubans and Mexicans to collect wild cocoa processing made of a soft drink called "Qiaoke off," the Spaniard took such a soft material called chocolate.
1. High-calorie chocolate, which contains the ratio of nutrients do not meet the needs of the children's growth and development;
2. Japan chocolate research that can prevent tooth decay, but because of general high-sugar chocolate, or easily lead to dental caries;
3. Diabetics should eat less chocolate, or chocolate can be devoted to light food;
4. Menstruation in women eating too much chocolate will add to the menstrual irritability and breast pain;
5. Do not eat milk chocolate, chocolate because of oxalic acid with calcium in the milk into a combination of calcium oxalate, so that calcium can not be fully utilized.


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